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Classic Commercial for Du Mont Laboratories Television Sets

Published 1949

A classic commercial for Du Mont Laboratories Television Sets. I took this from an episode of "School House" that somebody uploaded.
Note: While the TV network can be spelt DuMont, the owner of the Network which produced TV sets is correctly spelt Du Mont, as that was the spelling perferred by the founder of the company.

Run time 01:31
Production Company DuMont Television Network
Audio/Visual Mono sound, Black and White


Reviewer: cosmicola - - August 2, 2009
Subject: Kenny Delmar as Senator Claghorn
If you - I say - if you like Kenny Delmar and his alter ego Claghorn, that's Senator Claghorn, you've got to hop on over right away, son, right away now, to watch IT'S A JOKE, SON! A very silly but breezy old film right here, yes right here on the Internet Archive. It's a real hoot! A hoot, that is! :-)
Reviewer: cyberguy3k - - August 2, 2009
Subject: Mr. Delmar
The Professor Delmar in this clip is Kenny Delmar, a great character voice on radio. He also appeared on the Fred Allen show as Senator Claghorn and others (as well as numerous characters on other radio shows).
Reviewer: jazzfan - - January 24, 2009
Subject: DuMont DoDo
We had a Dumont. A real P.O.S. That's probably why I've been wearing glasses since 1962.
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